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Why do you need Jon the Carpet Man?

Jon Prince is your local carpet supplier and fitter.

Jon believes that regardless of how much we intergrate into the French lifestyle, there will always remain some differences – and the (mainly) British desire for carpets fitted in the traditional method, over a good underlay and stretched onto gripperods remains one of them. This system is recognised as the best for both overall comfort and for maximising the lifespan of your carpets.

While this is easy to organize in the UK, it’s so not simple over here in France this is because –

1. There is much less carpet fitted in French homes and therefore much less choice for the consumer.

2.When it comes to buying carpets what there is tends to be much more expensive  than the comparable UK equivalent.

3.It is difficult to find somewhere that allows you to borrow samples and take them home.

4. French delivery and fitting charges are very high.

5. Often the language barrier is a problem.


Jon the carpet man can make the experience of buying and having carpets fitted easy and trouble free. Here is how –

1. You give Jon an idea of what sort of carpet you want (if you know)

2.  Jon will then measure up and give a no obligation quotation, there and then

3. You confirm your order with a deposit

4. Jon will then return at the specified date and fit your new flooring

5. You pay the balance only when the work is completed to your satisfaction


Ordering your new carpets or flooring with Jon the carpet man could not be easier. Simply contact him directly using the button on this page (or contact information if you prefer) and Jon will be more than happy to assist you.