The Grapevine does what it says on the tin – it gets the word around about your business. A recent client said they had found me online but when I showed them a copy of the Grapevine, their response was “yes, that’s it..!” It’s worth bearing in mind that people may not initially remember precisely where they heard of you and it’s very possible the Grapevine was involved somewhere in the process.

Hannah DurrantPlanning in France –


Since we started advertising in the Grapevine Directory we have greatly increased our client base in the area from a handful to plenty. The directory is a fabulous idea!  Thank you Dan

Paulette Booth – AXA Agence International Clients –


We are pleased with the number of people who have responded to our advertisement in The Grapevine, as a result of which we have several new clients in the area all happy with the services provided by David and Julie Sowden.  Our presence in the Grapevine is really good value for money!

Sally Stone CEO of the LBV Property Management network –


I am happy with our advertising with the Grapevine. This year we have had a very positive response and business has indeed increased significantly. Well done.

Matthew Murray HarperMurray Harper Removals & Storage – 00 34 952 79 34 22


Since I started advertising my catering services in the grapevine I have been busier than ever, especially in the past year. I now receive inquiries through all seasons! Cheers to Dan and the team, long may it continue!!

Amy Francis – Chez Amis05.


I booked a 1/2 page ad in both the Pourpre and Noir sections of the latest edition and an ad on the Grapevine website, since the adverts started to appear just 4 weeks ago we have received 7 serious enquiries as a direct result.. I’m delighted & I’ll definitely be upgrading my coverage to all 4 regions for the next edition.

David HodgeLe Roque IT – 05 53 64 46 06


Thanks very much for the recent sponsored post through your Facebook page, we remapped 4 vehicles during our long weekend in France.  All came as a direct result of the promotion, generating over 1100€ in revenue – we’ll be booking more ads with you in the future that is for sure!

Atlas Remapping – Taunton


My Ads in the Grapevine have brought me more new business in the first 6 months than all the other Ads in well known English language Newspapers and Websites I’ve tried put together.

Paul MuxlowPaul’s Info – 06 71 69 92 61


Even as an established business, my Grapevine Ads have helped to further raise my profile in the region, as well as bringing in many new customers.

Marian BlakeThe English Optician  – 05 53 61 28 23


Very very pleased with my Grapevine advert, well worth the outlay

Don PenfoldD&S Renovation Expert – 05 53 24 07 66


The Advert in the Grapevine has brought us in over 10,000€ worth of new business, it certainly was a sound investment!

NickDragon Rouge Construction – 05 53 60 58 11


More than a dozen enquiries have come my way since placing my advert in the Grapevine. So I’m in again for 2014!

YvesThe English Speaking Plumber –


The Grapevine has worked so well for me that this last year i have doubled the size of my advert.

Hillary Perfect Nails – 05.


The Grapevine has brought me many enquiries, plenty of which I have converted into jobs. My adverts have been a great investment!

Matt BondDordogne Electrician


Over the past 6 months the Grapevine directory have supplied me with more than a dozen enquires for house sitting, and they are still coming in. Thank you Grapevine.

Amanda EveDordogne House Sitter & Pet Sitting Service     05.53. 56.07.87   


I received a handful of enquiries from my advert within the 1st month of the directory being out so the advert has already easily paid for itself and there’s 5 months to go!

SW Plastering


I am very pleased to be  part of the Grapevine directory and overjoyed by the number of enquiries I have had from it in such a short space of time.

Darren Luckhurst Dordogne Computer Services & Repairs


This is the 2nd year that I have advertised in the Grapevine and I have to say that several enquiries have turned into actual jobs. The team are very professional and understanding and I wish them luck in all their future endeavors.

Terence HicksDordogne Electrician/Plumber


I have seen the Grapevine all over the place and lots of folk talk about it so I know it’s good!

Colleen Sims – Oui Three Pop/Rock Band Tel


We were really pleased to be part of the Grapevine, we love the idea of a more locally focused Directory as it results in enquiries closer to home.

John DaltonJD Maconnerie    Tel 05.53. 80. 29.16


I was really happy with my advert in the printed directory and particularly pleased to find that my Grapevine Web page was ranked at the top of Google when searching for my business.

Tony Sinclair – Dordogne Window Cleaner