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The market for holiday rentals is very popular in the region of the Dordogne, but also very competitive due to the growing range.

The Dordogne is the most visited holiday region in France after Paris. In addition, the spacious surroundings of Le Perigord Noir is the most visited area in the Dordogne. The demand for well-located holiday homes and a quality service is high.

With BnbSupport we want to work with you to give your holiday home the attention and yield it deserves. Thanks to our expertise, we always have the best nightly rate and occupancy. After all, you do not want your night price to be too expensive during periods of little demand, or too low at times when there is a lot of demand. The division of a low, medium and high season is still often used, but dates back from before the internet existed and the market was only accessible to France and our neighbouring countries.

Many holiday homes only have good occupancy during the holiday periods, through our analysis and daily follow-up we ensure that your home also generates a good yield during the quieter periods. We differentiate ourselves from other agencies and property managers by using big data and artificial intelligence to have the perfect balance between nightly price, demand and supply of the number of available holiday homes.

With BnbSupport we are professionally active 24/7 on the holiday market. Our services include ad management, cleaning of the full property (textiles included), maintenance, advice, legislation, … . We offer our own hotel quality linnen and towels for usage. We can advise and assist you with the rental of your home, or we can take care of the entire management for you. As such you are completely unburdened and can enjoy a higher yield without worries.

Thanks to our strategy and optimization, our owners see an increase of 30% to even 60% in their turnover. Our commission is therefore rarely a cost, but a well-considered investment.

If you are interested, we can speak to each other without obligation, so that I can better explain our services. We can discuss together what our added value is for you. You are always welcome to call or write an email.

To get directly in tough with the property manager responsible for Le Perigord Noir, write a mail to: or call the number: +33 6 14 79 48 96.


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Q What exactly does BnbSupport do?

Renting out your property involves a lot. As property managers, we take care of everything. Below is an overview of our services.

Service to guests
With an enthusiastic and young team, we are always there for you and the guests. We surprise the guests with a welcome pack, give them a full explanation of the house and area. Our ''receptionists'' are available 24/7 and handle all contact before and after physical arrival. Both by telephone, by e-mail and via the messaging of the respective channel. We guarantee that we always respond within one hour. So also at the request of guests who want to book just before arrival. In addition to responding ourselves, we work with automatic messages that we can time and pre-written answers to common questions.

Service to homeowners
In addition to an unforgettable experience for your guests, we make sure your home stays clean and in the state you left it in. We take care of this by screening interested parties based on a profile that we draw up together with you. We only accept bookings from people who fit this profile and agree to the house rules.
After the guests' stay, we check your home for damage and report it to you. If the damage is not known, we can submit a resolution to the guests. Read more about how this works here.
Before, during and after the rental, you will have a fixed point of contact within our service team who is aware of matters surrounding your home.

Advertising Management
We provide professional photos of your home and an ad text. Our pricing system calculates the optimal night price daily by taking into account seasonal influences and supply in your area. In addition, we have the possibility to advertise on multiple channels at the same time. Think and Expedia.

We arrange all payment flows. We collect the rental income, the deposit and return it afterwards. You can view bookings and payments in real time through our customer portal. Each month you receive a detailed invoice and payment.

Q What are the prices if I want to work with you?

With us, as a private individual or administrator, you can opt for a fixed amount per month or a percentage of the rental income. We take care of you, the house and the guests.

Q Why should I work with BnbSupport?

BnbSupport is one of belgium's largest and leading Airbnb management companies. Now starting in France, with a fantastic team we serve approximately 400 customers at home and abroad. Through years of experience, we know better than anyone which type of guests best suits your home and how we can give them an unforgettable time. We communicate with guests 24/7 and reply to all their messages within 60 minutes. So also at night!
The special BnbSupport software enables us to advertise on all leading booking websites at the same time without getting duplicate bookings. This way we reach up to 3x as many guests and maximize the number of bookings for your home. With the help of our professional pricing system, our Yield Manager ensures the highest achievable price per night. In addition, as a customer at BnbSupport you enjoy:
– 1 fixed point of contact
– emergency number available 24/7
– Very extensive real-time booking overviews
– Possibility to draw up a guest profile you want

Q How do I start with BnbSupport ?

Write an email or call the person responsible for your region:
Dordogne: Property manager Linds Nimmegeers
Phone: +33 6 14 79 84 96
During the first introductory meeting you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and we will explain our services further. We can also schedule an appointment, without obligation, so that our manager can come by to view your property and give you a good indication of the expected rental income. This conversation will also serve to see if we can meet each other's needs and perhaps do something for each other in terms of renting out your home.

Q Am I insured?

You are insured through our partner websites. For example, you are insured via Airbnb up to €800,000 and via Wimdu up to €500,000. Their terms and conditions apply to this. In addition, we always ask the guests for a deposit in case things go wrong. In general, there are few risks and damages are very occasional. Please note that traces of use and wear almost always belong to your own risk.
We recommend that you check with your own home insurance to see if they offer additional Airbnb insurance. For a small extra monthly fee, you can cover yourself extra well against damage caused by rental via Airbnb.

Q How do you avoid nuisance?

In order to exclude nuisance as much as possible, we jointly draw up a desired guest profile. We only accept bookings from guests that fit this profile. We also make good agreements about the house rules at all times and we ensure that they are complied with. Before we accept bookings, we always ask for a written agreement on the house rules. During the check-in we always point this out to guests again. If there is a nuisance, we act immediately.

Q How many keys do I have to deliver?

We ask you for 2 sets of keys to your home so that we do not face logistical problems during the rental period. It is important that all keys have been tested before you hand them over to us. We need the different sets for the guests, cleaner and in case of emergencies or when a mechanic needs to be called in.

Q What happens to my mail?

During your absence, mail is collected in the house and sent if desired.

Q What can I earn?

The rental income per night depends on several factors including; the number of people, the location, the quality and layout of the house and any reviews on the advertisement are decisive. In addition, the market also plays an important role. Competition, seasonal influences, events and holidays all affect supply and demand and expected rental income.
Contact the expert in your area and ask for a free and non-binding calculation.